21 August 2011

4 Years

Wow. I can't believe that it has been four years since we were married. Here's a little math for you just for fun (and fyi, click on the links... Judd read this and was so confused by the 2 adopted children comment):

2.8 children
2 adopted children
A few bike wrecks
Race + Race + Race + Race + Race + Many many more I didn't blog about :)
1 House??
Too many renovations to count.... Seriously.
4 amazing years. I wouldn't change a thing.


Anonymous said...

Four years, plus a couple of months dating, when it's right it's right. We are so glad you joined our family, I also wouldn't change a thing, except maybe the tonsilectomy experience, we could have done without that.

Mom Z

Mom Z said...

And....CONGRATULATIONS on four great years together.

Love again,
Mom Z

emilyf said...

congrats! I always love reading your blog, thanks for the many smiles and for the many more that are sure to be on the way :)