30 January 2011

13 January 2011

Baby got back

Alternative title for this post *I like big butts and I cannot lie.

Would you look at that gigantic tush? Good heavens, you would think he was half Jabba the Hut. All I can say is that he gets it from his dad.

He doesn't like the feeling of his knees on the floor, so he "crawls" like this a lot of the time.

12 January 2011

Bowl throwing at its finest

If I only knew that all they needed was a blue plastic solo bowl to make them this happy I could have saved a wad of cash on their Christmas presents. Maybe I'll skip birthday presents this year and get them some plastic plates and what the heck, I might even throw in some plastic cutlery.... To be a kid again would be nice wouldn't it? Where your only worries consisted of getting to the "good kickball" before the other kids at recess, and making sure your troll dolls were properly outfitted.

For those of you who miss Christmas.....

I forgot to post this. Kennedy wouldn't have anything to do with the Jolly ol' Saint Nick, luckily they had a horse she could sit on instead.

02 January 2011


They say that the more kids you get, the less pictures you take. I think that is true, as much as I don't want it to be. Sadly I eeked out the Christmas season with only a few pictures to show for it. BUT I did take a WHOLE lot of video :)

This is Levi surrounded by my moms collection of Christmas bears. He was trapped by his cousin Jameson... Easy target I guess. He didn't seem to mind.

Um... What is going on? What are these things you are making me unwrap? Can I go back to bed now? Honestly, you people are weird.

This picture doesn't do the Roy City lights any justice. They are so amazing, every branch on every tree is lit.

I'm sure people were looking at me funny when I was taking a picture of the under side of the tree, but I think it's pretty :)

Kennedy and Levi dressed in their new Christmas PJ's. Kennedy walked around the whole night rubbing her jammies and saying "I have soft jammies on"