22 March 2008

The newest member of the family

We'll we finally did it. We got a dog. He is a 1 1/2 year old boxer and his hame is gill. Yes thats right gill. I'm sure your all wondering why we gave him a fish name. Well....its funny. Ha. For those who haven't seen the movie "What about Bob" it is the name of Bob's fish in the movie. We were trying to figure out a name and Leslie said that one just joking around, but it ended up sticking.

10 March 2008

So, here it is ladies and gents... About a year ago the lady who wrote this book contacted me and asked me for some stories about my life in the military. I talked to her a few times over the phone, and related some experiences that I had while I was in Iraq. I didn't really think much of it, but a month ago I ordered the book and found that she had published three of my stories in it, and also a story about my older sister julia who is in the Marine Corps!! I was, for lack of a better word pretty excited. Although her writing leaves something to be desired, I still think that it's neat that I am in a book!!

08 March 2008

Forgetful Jones

We all remember him as that half whit from Semame Street... But not any longer. I have become HIM! (Well, all except the foam appendages, cowboy attire, facial hair, and blue skin) I am so stinking forgetful lately. WHERE HAS MY BRAIN GONE? I did hear that being pregnant does effect your memory...but to this extent?! Last week I was leaving work at the college, and hopped on the shuttle bus that would take me to the parking lot where I had parked that morning. After arriving in the lot, much to my dismay, my car was nowhere to be found, after a short search and the use of my panic button to aid in the search I remembered that I didn't even park in that parking lot, I had parked in the lot right next to my office! Not only this, but the next day I was on my way home after class when I realized that I didn't have my phone with me-- (new phone, not the one that I just recently FLUSHED DOWN A TOILET) So, I turned around, and made a bee line straight to my last class where my phone awaited... sitting there on the desk, in plain view, as if to mock my stupidity. I could go on and on about the less-than Nobel Prize winning things I have done lately, but I will spare anyone who has had the patience to read this far.

02 March 2008

Just a Little Creepy

So, I saw this "baby ticker" on a friends blog and thought, "oh cool, I want one of those".... after doing it though, it seems just a bit creepy, I mean why did they have to make the baby move around in there. EGH.