30 September 2007

Brew con.

For those of you how don't quiet understand the term "brew" here is a little definition courtesy of Wikipedia.
Fart is an English language vulgarism most commonly used in reference to flatulence. The word "fart" is generally considered unsuitable in a formal environment by modern English speakers, and it may be considered vulgar or offensive in some situations. Fart can be used as a noun or a verb.[1] The immediate roots are in the Middle English words "ferten", or "farten"; which is akin to the Old High German word "ferzan" meaning 'to break wind'. Other roots lie in old Norse, Greek and Sanskrit. The word "fart" has been incorporated into the colloquial and technical speech of a number of occupations, including computing

28 September 2007

Enjoy the BREW

So, Judd sent this picture to me the other day while he was at work. At least someone is getting some use out of those gloves right? Let's just be honest, we all know that no one really uses those things anyway. So, Judd at work... Here is a funny story about Judd at work..... A while ago I cooked some garlic herb chicken, well, long story short the guy woke me up out of a dead sleep and made me nauseaus with what he calls his "BREW" (This brew could have been sold to Iran as a chemical weapon)..... Anyway, I guess that although Judd likes the garlic chicken, alas his stomach does not. I made the mistake of cooking the same thing again... Except this time he brought the "brew" to work. He wasn't feeling well, but went to work for the sole purpose of sharing this new prized posession of his..... PRETTY MUCH DISGUSTING IF YOU ASK ME. I'm having second thoughts about posting this, but I will anyway:

17 September 2007

Guns, Bullets, and Grins

So, I think that everyone was pretty bugged by my picture taking, but hey, without it we wouldn't have all of these fabulous pictures, now would we?
Look very closely at Colettes target.... yeah, she pretty much killed it with an AR-15. This was her first time shooting one, so she's what I would call a natural. Also if you look close at dad shooting... Yeah, he has no ear plugs. Guess he figured that he is already deaf so it doesn't matter. HAH

14 September 2007

This is my neice Sara, poor unsuspecting Sara.... she wanted her picture taken by the plastic horse that haunts the entrance to the western store "A A Callister".... One thing's for sure, I will be using this picture later for blackmailing purposes

12 September 2007

And We Were Married After This?!!

So, here is the result of one of the first few dates that we went on.

A couple of impaled rocks, a broken bike and body later, poor Leslie was walking with a limp and sleeping funny for over a week.
Sure, it's funny now...... It wasn't then.
This wasn't the extent of the injuries.... Both legs looked like this, her hand was thought to be broken- (luckily it wasn't), and she had a few scattered spots of road rash.
Must have been right if we lasted past that ;)

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