16 April 2012

Check out my new tattoo!

OK, so it's really just Sharpie marker (that I am STILL trying to get off). I did a duathalon last weekend. This was my first road bike race, and I loved it. I did OK for having been slacking on the running (can't help it, it's mountain biking time) I took 5th in my age division, and 15th overall. It was cold and wet and I felt like my fingers were going to fall off by the end of the bike ride.
It was definitely different having to stop and switch shoes and such during the middle of a race. I'm used to just running. The camera was left at home, so these are pictures taken after we got back home. The best part of it all? Having my family there at the end.
Judd thought that I would take a lot longer , so he showed up right after I crossed the finish line.

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