27 June 2011

Belly band product review

I borrowed this "belly band" from my friend Jana so I could go running without my belly flopping around. I have to say that it worked GREAT! It stayed in place, and I didn't feel pregnant while I was running. I went a little over 2 miles and I loved it! Can't wait to run tomorrow. Why did I not get one of these with my first two babies?!!!!

24 June 2011


For fathers day Judd got new mountain biking shoes....

 a sweet card I made at tiny prints....

And a vasectomy. HAAAA Only I would think this is funny (and take pictures).

To the guy whos genius has no bounds. Here he is squeezing some limes for me. (I don't have a juicer/citrus squeezer)

So handy...


Just plain fabulous.

Looks great in white.

Always good for some snuggles

and some stories

To my wonderful husband, I love you!

21 June 2011

The death of the pines...

So Judd decided he was done with sap, pine needles, and pine cones and murdered our pine trees. My brother Andrew (he came in handy) and Judd cut them down. Actually, Judd did the second tree by himself.

Just like a man to cut the tree down FIRST then take the bird house out of the tree.

Tree numero uno

Judd in tree number two.

The unimog REALLY came in handy. It only took 2 trips to the green dumps as opposed to the first tree that took 5 trips.
And then there were none. We are going to grind out the tree stumps this Saturday and put sod over the top.

Kennedy in her pj's in front of a teeny tiny bit of the wood. We have SO much! Now we need to get out and do a lot of camping.

How much wood could a wood chuck chuck?

We aren't total anti-earth people. We ordered a Tulip poplar and an Autumn Blaze Maple. I thought they would be a tad bit bigger, but they are supposed to grow pretty quickly.

More wood.

16 June 2011

Time for a little color

I have had this thrift store find crib bumper since before Kennedy was born. It's always been plain white. Pretty boring, but it did the job. I finally decided to re-vamp it and give it a little color. As I was looking through old pictures I couldn't believe how fast my kids have grown. SAD :(

Kennedy used to sleep like this with her bum in the air.

Back during a craftier time I made that mobile.

I think it turned out pretty cute!

He was so confused when I laid him down for bed then took his picture.

14 June 2011

After the rain...

Finally the bad weather has stopped and we have been able to get outside more. Here are a few pictures from our walk up the Provo River. Levi loves hanging out in the stroller, as you can see... Well, as long as he is being pushed.

Levi showing off his new walking ability. He has been walking for a few weeks now, but has really stepped it up (get it?) this last week.

Piggy back ride. We walked from Glen Canyon to Vivian Park and by the time we got to Vivian Kennedy was worn out from riding her bike so Judd gave her a lift.

Taking a break from the sun at Vivan :)

On the way down Kennedy got to meet the pavement. Luckily dad was right there and  caught her shirt so she only hit her knee. She was a trooper and wanted to get back on and ride though. Here she is sowing us her "owie".

And putting on a brave smile with tears in her eyes.

Grandma Z made Levi a new blanket for his birthday. It was a hit! Thanks :)

From the Alpine loop.... There should NOT be that much snow up there (at the end of MAY)!

13 June 2011

My latest attempt at house wifery...

So I'm sure anyone with kids has this same problem: You sweep and mop your floor just to feed your kid a half hour later and you are left with a sticky mess under their chair/highchair. Well, I have created a solution. A sort of baby "drop cloth" if you will.

I used patterned flannel fabric, to hide any stains and so that it was thick enough to stop most of the goop from getting through to the floor.

I sewed a washer into this little square. On one side is the flannel, on the other some non-slip material to help keep it from sliding around on the floor. I put snaps on it so that I could un-snap the weight from the main piece and throw it into the washer when it gets dirty.

I've been meaning to post this for a while so I have had a few weeks to try it out and I LOVE it!! It makes cleaning up after a meal much more simple. Just pick up the cloth and shake it out into the trash, then wash it when it gets dirty.