12 October 2011

Buh bye office

Instead of trying to put two kids (on very different schedules) into the same room we opted to get rid of our office and turn it into a room for Kennedy. We let her pick the color... Maybe not the best idea. It reminds me a little of a Mexican hacienda. Anyway, she loves it and that's all that matters . Although when the boys start sharing a room we will turn this back into our office, and definitely repaint :)

10 October 2011

Because it's a tradition.

We couldn't bring a baby home without having some type of remodeling going on at our house. It just wouldn't have felt right. Well, not really. I would have preferred that my house was in one piece, but eh what can you do? Our washer and dryer started to putter out so we decided to go get new ones. And we couldn't put those nice shiny things into our old nasty storage room. Here are some before pictures... Well, more like in process pictures of how the room looked.

It really wasn't this messy, I promise. This is after moving everything out of the way so we could move the cabinets.

Gotta love that green floor.

This was our kitchen for 2 weeks while Judd remodeled. It drove my BATTY.

YAY!! After new walls/paint/tile/lights & shelving :)

I'm in awe too Levi. He was entranced by the new dryer.

After I moved everything in from the kitchen.

The kids love running in circles in there.

Ahhh, that's a pretty picture :) Thanks Judd.