23 August 2009

Provo River Half Marathon

I ran the Provo river half marathon a few weeks ago, besides the fact that it was FREEZING at the start it was a pretty fun race. I grew up running on this trail so it was a very familiar course. The last 1/2 I did was SLC and I came in at 1 hour 44 minutes. I shaved a few minutes off of this one coming in at 1 hour 41 minutes..... Nothing compared to my old Army Ten Miler teammate check him out here: http://guam-runner.blogspot.com/ He is AMAZING, and if you look hard enough there is a picture of me on his blog :) Proof that I ran with a running professional.... Once upon a time. I have another one coming up this Saturday in Ogden and a few of my running buddies are going! YAY! I have always ran races by myself so this should be a nice change.


Wayne said...

I wouldn't say he's a professional, but THANKS! ;) Really glad to see you running & racing again. I don't think you even touched or scratched your potential yet. Definitely see you running under 1:30 for the half. Keep running! -Wayne

Cara and Travis Colvin said...

I will be your running buddy.....but we will have to wait until next summer so I can build up endurance to keep up with you!

KT said...

Nutty I tell ya. Superwoman...but nutty.