17 February 2009

Playing With Boxes

I am longing for the simple life this morning.

When the 7 of us were growing up we had very little money. Because of this we made fun with what we had. We would turn the stairs into a slide by hopping in sleeping bags and sliding down. We turned the living room into a fort by taking the cushions off of the couches, stacking them by each other, and covering them with a sheet to make a roof. If all else failed there were always empty boxes laying around. We would have box races. We would all hop in our own box and scoot across the floor as fast as we could to the other side of the room. Here is a picture after such a race. These are my 3 oldest sisters, and in the background is one of my brothers.

I was thinking this morning how nice it would be to not have to worry about anything more than who would be the winner of a box race, or whose turn it was to slide down the stairs next. I guess you could say that I am feeling a little nostalgic today, and I am missing the more simple things in life. The simple things which are all too often set aside for the necessary and repetitive things in life such as work, cleaning, exercise, etc.

Maybe today I'll wake Judd up and we'll have a box race or two. And I'll skip my daily torture session at the gym..... That sounds heavenly!