23 November 2010

Pet Cemetery?

I meant to post these pictures at Halloween, but obviously I am a little behind lately... This miniature graveyard is on the side of a house in Clinton Utah. If I was bored enough I would have actually counted how many crosses there are, but I am guessing that there are well over 50 of these little wooden crosses. Things that make you go hmmmm? This is a year round sight, not just up for Halloween (I took this picture in July).
I assume that these people either have really bad luck with pets, or they are ahem.... psycho.
So glad they aren't my neighbors!

03 November 2010

Halloween and stuff.

So this blog is a little late, messy, and a combination of a few things. That seems to be the way my life has been lately... A little late, crazy and a mess of different things. Andrew and I ran the Halloween half marathon, and despite our legs being out of commission for a week, we both decided that we were up for more punishment and registered for the Salt Lake Marathon in April. I have done 7 half's, and never have my legs felt so awful after a race. I'm thinking that this is due to the steep down grade of the race. Here are a few pictures of our costumes.

Kennedy and Levi dressed as glow in the dark skeletons for Halloween. Kennedy did her first round of official "trick or treating" and loved it! I'm so glad that she forgot about that pumpkin full of candy that sits up in our cupboard.... She was obsessed with it for a few days. We have pictures of them dressed up somewhere, but I can't seem to find them.

Judd finally had his tonsils out last Friday. He is still stuck in bed most of the time, but that will be over soon. Poor guy can't eat anything and I am pretty sure he has lost a good 15 pounds. If only all diets were that easy ;)

My book is still not in print... I have an investor who wants to foot the bill to print, but I would really like to find a publisher so that I don't have to worry about distribution/sales/marketing etc... So no book for now.