31 May 2011

Sundance Showdown

I raced my first race this year at Sundance on Saturday. Here is the  race summary. The race went pretty well, I thought for sure we would be racing in the mud but the trails were actually pretty nice. I also thought I was going to be racing in the rain a couple times but luckily it just teased. I have biked Sundance quite a bit so I already knew the course but I forgot about the very last turn onto the road and how much of a game player that one is. Should have practiced just that turn a few times. In the actual race I was feeling really good throughout the run until that very last turn. I mess that one up and it put me back about 30 sec. Would have placed 1st in the class I was racing and my time was fast enough to take at least 2nd in the expert class or 1st. If I would have actually done some endurance training before I also would have had a fast enough time to place 2nd or 3rd in the pro class. That last turn gets to me but all in all I raced pretty good and am pretty happy with the way I rode the rest of the course. I think Kennedy won the award for most improved rider though. She is getting stinking fast. It's time to get a brake for her bike because her feet don't do the job anymore.

Kennedy brought her bike and rode around at the base of the mountain until the race started. She is getting so fast, that I have to run to keep up with her.

This moose was only about 40 feet from us.

Judd coming across the finish line. The last part of the course is a long steep incline... Didn't look like fun to me.

Yup...He looks TIRED. Doesn't look like fun.

Waiting for dad, playing in the dirt.

Rain... BOO

A few pictures while we waited for the results.

Eating crackers in the truck waiting for dad.

26 May 2011

Magical floating babies

Check out my new "baby ticker"... (to your right), if you go to their web site you can add as many babies as you like... I had to restrain myself from adding more. I DIED laughing to see all those babies floating around in there. Thank heavens there really isn't four! I think I might have an early mid-life crisis.

25 May 2011

A year in pictures

It goes by so fast....