08 November 2011

I paid 8.26

For all of this!!
4 packs of Huggies baby wipes
2 containers Darigold cottage cheese
3 things of Similac formula
10 cans of Dole fruit
5 Revlon nail clippers
3 packs Sargento cheese
8 packs of Betty Crocker cookie mix
1 2-liter of Squirt
5 tubes of Carmex
13 jars of Season all
5 packs of Carefree
1 Dole fruit juice
1 pack Orbit gum
1 foot scrubber
4 cans beans


KaSs MiLeS said...


Whitney said...

why arent we shopping friends?

Whitney said...

will you tell me your diaper secrets? please please!

Judd & Leslie Zimmerman said...

Whit, I have a diaper deal for you on Huggies right now that will make them 4.00 a pack! I would be happy to hook you up with the coupons and info :)

emilyf said...

this certainly is a nice post to see any time, but after the last post, it makes me very happy for ya :) great deal shopping!!!!

sisterwendy said...

you are my hero!

Whitney said...

Hello??? I need your number :D