15 November 2007

More from the "Fun" filled weekend.

Here is some video as promised. If you watch really close you can see when it happens. Listen for Shane to tell me I can go and keep you eye on my truck. Right after it disappears you will see my headlights really quick and then my tail lights. I believe that is when it all went wrong. Oh so wrong. Last time we tried to put a video with a post it wouldn't work so here is the link.

12 November 2007

"Fun" filled weekend

Well this weekend was quiet the "fun" filled weekend. Shane had just put new suspension on his 4runner much like I have on my Tacoma, which makes it so that you can go faster through the bumps without bottoming out as easily. It also makes for better off road handling. We decided to go out Friday night and let him try it out, We also wanted to see how well our newly installed lights worked. So we went out and did a little rock crawling and some rallying. After a couple of hours we decided that it was time to head home..... and off I went. Now, for those of you who know me, or have ridden with me off road, you know that I like to go fast. Going fast on dirt roads is my nicotine. In my speeding along the road I came up to a turn that was a little tighter than I had expected. The rear tires broke loose and the truck went sideways to the passenger side and then tipped to the drivers side, then back again to the passenger side. Then the bead blew on the front passenger tire. The rim hit the dirt and shot the truck straight into the berm on the side of the road. We popped up into the air a couple of feet, hit the ground and bounced up again, sending the truck a few feet into the air once again. We landed on the two passenger side tires and then laid the truck on its side. In the process the were a few choice words that I'm not going to repeat here. But they were choice. When the truck finally came to rest on its side, my mag light went crashing into the rear passenger window and broke it. That's the only window that broke. Once we got it up and on all fours we saw the only rock within 30 feet and it was right under the door. The truck would have been fine, but the mag light broke the window and I landed on the ONLY ROCK IN SIGHT.

So like I said, It was a fun filled weekend. Luckily Leslie wasn't there, the text to her wasn't all that fun to send either. Now the truck will be picked up in a couple of days by the insurance company and they will decide if it can be fixed or if it is even worth fixing. So I'm going to be without a truck for at least a month. Probably more. I still haven't gotten the passenger door to open.

The next morning though we went shooting and Leslie got to try out her new shooting coat. Its really nice and her shooting has really improved. I tried it out too... That was a mistake because now I want to get a new coat. Oops:) We forgot to take the camera so we don't have any pics, but we are going to go again this weekend. We'll try to remember the camera for you all. Oh and I'm hoping to put some video of Friday nights fiasco on here too so come back!!