24 December 2010

Graham cracker houses

It's that time of year again when the Watson family gets together and makes graham cracker houses. Mostly we just eat the candy (check out Ted in the background) and talk, but we did manage to make some pretty sweet creations (literally).
Paige and Kyle

Brays Reindeer

This is Paige and Kyles creation. I have to say it is my favorite.

My little cottage.

Reindeer poop... I am so juvenile

Julia, Ted, Sara and Jessica came out from Virginia to visit. It was so nice to see them. Here is Levi with Julia.

12 December 2010

A few pictures from Thanksgiving

Justin and Liz were nice enough to invite the whole Zimmerman family over to their new house for Thanksgiving dinner. We ate, chatted, played games (those of us who can stand games....Not Justin), the little ones watched a Christmas movie and tore the house apart, all in all it was a great day!

08 December 2010

My mom is old.

I planned a birthday party for my mom a few weeks ago. My sister Lillian was visiting for Thanksgiving and it seemed like a good idea at the time.... Until mom got sick, and a bunch of guests were snowed in.
Regardless, we had a good time with family. I made a pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing I call it a "chalkboard cake" for my mom who is a 5th grade teacher.

Uncle Andrew with Kennedy, Jocelyn, and Charlotte who is 2 days younger than Levi, but is half his size.

Jeremy, Elena, Kaia, and Jamison are all saying "I'm making a mess" as per my request :)

Playing games with the fam... Sorry Ryan, I had to put this picture in... I couldn't resist it since you look like a giant, clothed praying mantis.
Here is the cake! I made the apple, books, and the chalk out of fondant, the border is Twix and raspberry sticks (which made cutting the cake a bit of a chore) But it was sooo good.

And this is Lillian's masterpiece.

01 December 2010

A little Christmas cheer.

Unfortunately this is rapidly becoming a family tradition to do this....