29 September 2011

A Baby Story

Have you ever seen that show on TLC? I am addicted to it while I am pregnant, and then as soon as I am all done in the baby department I have no interest in watching. Anyway, here is our "baby story"

I had been having really bad back pain and contractions for a couple weeks. The contractions would be really regular and strong for about an hour then putter out. I was dilated to a 2 and 75% for over two weeks so the Dr decided to strip my membranes (I know, sounds disgusting, and really it is.)
We thought that this would do the trick, but I still went another week before anything really happened.

I was up all Friday night with contractions, but I refused to go to the hospital until I felt like I was going to die. So Saturday morning I hit my "going to die" threshold and we got to the hospital around 7 AM. They had admitted us by 8 because my contractions were so strong and regular. Unfortunately I was STILL dilated to a 2 despite all of the painful contractions. So they decided to break my water, and start me on pitocin to get things moving. DIDN'T work. We were sure that this labor would go like our last 2 kids. We were in and out, and everything went fast and without problems, we were prepared to be out of there by noon... Somewhere in here I got an epidural (thank heaven for modern medicine) By 3 PM I was still at a 2, even though I was on the max dose of pitocin (20). They decided to put in an intrauterine monitor to see how efficient they were, and turns out they were little wimpy non effective contractions, although they were just as painful as effective ones would be. So they increased the pitocin to 30, which was way over the max limit. This got things going, but it also caused the baby to go into distress and have a bowel movement in utero. This was NOT good news. They then discovered that he was posterior and that is why he wasn't making his way down. By 7 PM, I was almost complete but the baby's heart rate was dropping drastically. I started to get really nauseous and made friends with the nice blue emesis bags... Pretty sure I met with 5 of them :O They then decided that the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck.

The doctor had to use forceps to get him out and I was snipped from back to front (OUCH) to help him get out faster. Because he was in distress and he had meconium staining the NICU team was there waiting to take him. After cutting the umbilical cord (that was wrapped around his neck twice) the Dr picks him up and starts going toward the NICU team when he SLIPS!! There was an audible gasp from the 14 plus people in the room and everyone reached out to grab the doctor. He caught the baby upside down by his hips with his head about a foot from the ground. I just tucked my head under the blankets and cried. at this point I had nothing left. I just couldn't handle anymore. It felt like minutes before I heard him cry, I just watched him lay there limply. I have never felt so helpless. Because he wasn't breathing well they had to take him to the NICU and put him on a CPAP. He also was given an IV because he wasn't able to get the cord blood as it was cut while he was still inside me.
They moved me down to mother and baby while Judd stayed with him in the NICU. By this time it was almost midnight. When I finally got to hold my little guy I just broke down. I can't remember the last time I had cried like that. To have him be ok after all of that was for lack of better words the biggest relief.

Kennedy and Levi came the next morning to visit, and to my surprise they were both really good with this new little guy. Levi was extra cute, hopefully I can upload this video of his reaction.
We also had a scare the next morning when the pediatrician told us he might not be able to hear out of his right ear. He didn't pass the hearing exam and they needed to repeat it the next day. He did pass the test the next day, but only because the technician put the probe really far into his ear canal (which is apparently very tiny, and this is the reason he couldn't hear). The good news is that he has all of the right parts, the bad news is that he is most likely going to need to have surgery to open his ear canal farther so that he can hear well and so that his speech develops normally. I am just glad that he CAN hear. It could be a lot worse, and I am really thankful that it isn't.

For dramatic effect. :)

My toes turned into little Vienna sausages. Sooo swollen

My little man. Definitely gave me quite the scare... Hopefully he quits that. I can't handle the stress... Oh, how I am not looking forward to the teenage years.

In the NICU with the CPAP on.  :(

This was Levi's reaction to McKay :)

Kennedy loves being a big sister. Unlike last time, she understands a lot more and is excited about him.

Proud daddy

Pointing at (as Kennedy calls him) "baby uhm-kay"


Heather said...
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Heather said...

Posted a comment before I read everything! Had to go back and delete!!! I'm sorry to hear about the mishaps with your birthing experience! I would have cried, esp. when the doctor slipped! BUT, on the other hand, he is beautiful and otherwise healthy and already so loved! He makes your family so much more beautiful if that were even possible! I'm so happy for you and wish you nothing but the best! Hugs!!! Can't believe in 9 years, we both have 3 babies all around the same age! Craziness!

emilyf said...

oh wow! looks like you got all the troubles with McKay that you were spared with the first two! yeeeeh...glad he's okay! Happy, quick recovery to you and may the worst of it be behind you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures. He is a beautiful baby, no surprise there though. I can't wait to come cuddle him, along with Kennedy and Levi. I have the best grandkids, bar none....and that is the truth not pride. This baby birthing is beginning to wear on me this year though with two more coming, especially when things get complicated.

Mom/Grandma Z

KaSs MiLeS said...

So glad all is well!! What a horrific way to enter this world. Gauge had that little mask thing too, it's so sad! You two look great tho! He is really beautiful, but your other two are too.

Missy said...

Wow, what a story. As if birth isn't traumatic enough for everyone involved... you definitely had a few twists in there. I'm so happy that everything turned out ok and that the worst is over. Good luck on your birth recovery!

Ed & Natasha said...

Yea that he passed the test!! They tried to say Ash would have ear issues as well - at his 2 week his tubes were normal turns out that they just had a little fluid (imagine) and were swollen from all the pressure on his little ears/head....so "hears" to hoping! and (late) happy birthday to momma.

KT said...

Crazy. SOoOo glad things are better now with McKay. He really is such a CUTEEE newborn. LuCkY me, was able to see him live :) I can't get over Levi's face/reaction to McKay!!! Haaaaa! LOVE it. So so funny & adorable. Love you guys and happy for ya!

sisterwendy said...

I got so emotional reading your post. I can't even imagine how you must have felt going through all of this. And then to have the DR slip and almost drop the baby! - I would have broke down and bawled like a baby. Thank goodness you both made it through that loooooong night. He is adorable~ just like Kennedy and Levi~ cutest things ever. Love Levi's reaction to the baby! love you.

Kory said...

This is the kind of thing I shouldn't read at work. I got all teary eyed for you when I read about the doctor almost dropping the baby. I'm glad everyone is safe and healthy now!