30 December 2009


My idea plus Judd's craftiness. We made these for the Cara and Grandma Z, plus one for us :) Gone are the days of randomly floating Christmas cards throughout the house or cluttering the piano.
Playing in Nana's Christmas bears.

Dad and Kennedy, both wearing new Christmas presents. Kennedy got PJ's that say I love dad and a pair that say I love mom.

Checking out cousin Chloe's present.


A new apron for mom. I also got a mixer and a rolling pin to add to my arsenal of kitchen tools.


At the ward Christmas party with our neighbor Kwin.
After seeing Santa. Needless to say I think that he scared her just a little. Before she got a foot away she had her feet kicking in the air and was screaming bloody murder... Ah the things we subject our children to...

The reason that our tree was only decorated on the top half by the time Christmas rolled around.

Graham Cracker Houses

My masterpiece... Well, not quite. I got sick of mine falling over so I made a "labrynth" I was going to put a tight wearing David Bowie at the end but none of the jelly beans made the cut. His tights are hard to fill.
Judds house. He only took about 10 minutes to make this, where mine took about 4 times that and it looks like a 6 year old did it.

We do this as a family every year at Christmas time. The best part by far is eating the candy.

The nephews

Kennedys first ever graham cracker house. I may have helped her on all of it, but there is no proof of that.

Just a Month Late....

A few pictures from Thanksgiving... I know I am a tad behind on this but oh well...

Kennedy covered in yuck and enjoying her crackers.
THE most complicated game in the world.
We had Thanksgiving at the church with about 30 family members.
G & G Zimmerman
Hair? What's wrong with my hair?
Cousin Jocelyn and her olives :)

Food glorious food! It was sooooo good! Thanks Natasha for setting everything up.

I'm right! No... No, I AM RIGHT. NO! I am right... Looks like they are in a heated debate, really just waiting for the food :)

05 December 2009


143 pairs of socks


56 pairs of gloves


104 knit hats


20 scarves


22 infant clothes


74 sweaters


25 winter coats


7 snow suits


40 toddler clothes


3 blankets


38 teen clothes








Afghani Children


A little help from friends




Warm and happy kids in Afghanistan.

*Pictures coming soon*

21 November 2009

Useless Information

I borrowed my moms treadmill for the winter so I don't have to drag myself out into the cold to run.

I HATE the cold. Let's move someplace eternally warm.

Kennedy pretends to talk on the phone if she sees one or if one rings. She puts the back of her hand to her ear and babbles. It's so cute.

Kennedy is pretty darn good at hide and seek. She'll find a book, sit down in a corner and silently flip through pages while I frantically shuffle around the house looking for her.

It's usually not a good thing if I don't hear her making noise... This usually means that she is doing something she is not supposed to.

Judd is almost done with our master bathroom!!!! I'll post pictures when it's all finished.

It took me 2 days to rake the front and back yard. Not because I am slow. Can I cut the trees down?

I want a dog, no a cat. no dog. cat. dog. I can never make up my mind. When I do I think about scooping poop and I quickly change to not wanting any animal. Too bad there aren't poop-less animals, after all they have hairless ones.

I miss my power steering. It's been out for 2 months. It's a killer trying to park at the university.

We should own stock in Home Depot. We have spent WAY too much there.

AT&T is a rip off. Magic Jack is great, 20 dollars a year and you can call free long distance and international to anyone who has a Magic Jack.

I am going to run a full marathon this next summer... If I don't die trying.

Life changes too quickly. I wish there was a rewind. It's so easy to take things for granted until they are gone.

My neighbor has chickens and gives us fresh eggs every week, how cool is that?

If I could have any talent, I would like to be an amazing chef.

That's all for this installment of useless information.

04 November 2009


Our little bumble bee :)

I took Q-tips and colored them black them hot-glued yellow puff balls onto the ends to make her antennae

I also made my costume..... I was supposed to be a flower.... Get it? A bumble bee and a flower... Anyway, my pedals were a little limp so I looked more like a clown than a flower.... Oh well, I knew what I was.

Lady Gaga stopped by.

I didn't ask, but I'm pretty sure that Amber was a punk rocker? Don't hate me if I'm wrong.

Chad was a bar code. He made this costume himself, which is very impressive considering I could't get Judd within 10 feet of putting on a costume.

Amber made Conners little monkey costume

Sidewalk Chalk

She got more chalk on her bum and in her mouth than she did on the sidewalk.

Take a Hike

Fun. Hiking. Pictures.
Here is one of Kennedy pulling Judds hair..... So funny :)

I love the Fall... So many beautiful colors.

Playing in the rocks.... Like usual.

04 October 2009

The Big 2. 7.

After Danes home coming Judds parents, Cara, Travis, Chloe and Abbie came over for some cake and ice cream to celebrate my 27th. Cara made the cake and it was D- licious :) Here are a few pictures...
I can't get Judd to NOT stick out his tongue in pictures.

Uncle Trav being over-run by little girls. (Doesn't he look sooooo excited?)

There are way too many candles on that cake.

Little Mess Maker

Kennedy likes to eat leaves.....

Lots and lots of leaves.

Playing with dads climbing ropes in the back yard.

The aftermath of Kennedy digging through every last piece of fabric I own :) She looks so innocent doesn't she?

She loves to stand on her head... I guess Judd did that a lot when he was a kid. Maybe it is hereditary?