23 October 2008

Judd's Shoes?

Judd got new shoes a little while ago. They don't look much like shoes, more like rubber socks but he LOVES them. So he wears them everyhere now the same way a child with a new toy would. His face lights up like a proud parent when anyone mentions his "shoes". He loves these shoes so much that he wears them to work even though he knows he has to change into steel toed shoes when he gets there. Similar to how Mr. Rogers would slip into a new sweater when he got to work ;). This is all fine and dandy, EXCEPT he always forgets socks! I have driven down there in the middle of the night with poor Kennedy in tow several times out of pity for his poor sweaty feet. In fact, he is at work again tonight without socks.... I think my pity has ran out and now I just laugh at his poor sweaty feet. I opted to write this blog instead of bring him socks tonight. Love you Judd!!! :)

20 October 2008

My "Get Out of Speeding Tickets" Sticker

This sticker came in the mail today. I ordered it last week online at this site -http://myservicepride.com/ . I had one on my old car and it worked like a charm. I was pulled over a total of 5 times and only received 1 ticket :). Maybe it is all in my head that it works, but hey, its worth a shot right? Oh, and for those of you thinking "why are you speeding anyway, you shouldn't be speeding... etc" My answer to that is I know :) and I only speed a teeny bit, and only when absolutely necessary.

18 October 2008

My Personal Chef

So this morning I wake up to Judd excitedly saying that he is going to get something at the store, and for me to stay in bed.... Hmm, I racked my brain trying to think of what in the world he would want to go get at the store at 730 AM... So, a little while later I wake up to TONS of noise.... (boys DO NOT know their way around a kitchen). After trying to crack hard boiled eggs to make scrambled eggs and almost burning a waffle he cooked me breakfast :) What a sweet heart! Anyway, back to my original point, he went to the store to get a waffle iron. The boy had to have waffles, once he gets an idea in his head that's the end of it.
And here is a picture of his fabulous creation.... Like you all want to see it, Puh! (it was VERY good though)

16 October 2008

I Have to Brag

So my sister Lillian got me into clipping coupons when she called me a few months ago and said that she got an unreal amount of groceries for nearly free. So I have been trying my hand at it, and.... Wa La! It works! I save soooooooo much on groceries now that the cashiers give me strange looks as if I have just stolen a cart full of stuff. Today everything that I purchased (pictured) came out to a grand total of 108.82...... BUT THEN..... Hand over the little pieces of miracle paper and PRESTO- I paid 34.38!!! The other day I got over 100 dollars worth of groceries and paid only 11 dollars for it all. I should have taken a picture of that, but most of it was frozen foods so I opted to put it all in the freezer instead :) Judd laughs at me when I come home and excitedly tell him how much I saved, but hey I save us lots. I'll have to figure out how much I actually save in a month and what our grocery bill is.. I'll give ya'll an update later :)

14 October 2008

Cold October. Warm Fuzzies.

SNOW IN OCTOBER!!! Here are a few pictures to give some cheer. If not to you, for us :) Here we are after the first snow of the season. We lugged ourselves to church all bundled up..... I am really not very excited about this winter.
Our good little sleeper. She sleeps so well now, thanks to a book I have been reading called Healthy sleep habits, happy child. It is like magic!!! I love to listen to her when she sleeps. She makes a contented hum as she breaths out. I have to hold myself back from recording her cute noises every time she falls asleep :)
This is a rare picture of daddy AWAKE while Kennedy sleeps. Seeing this picture shows just how much she has grown! She has already outgrown her newborn clothes.
We went on a walk as a family the other day and since it was chilly we bundled our little girl up like the little boy on Christmas Story :). Not quite, but she did look really cute. Kennedy loves to go running with me. She opens her mouth really wide and moves her head around to look at everything.
She definately looks like Judd. Everyone keeps saying that as well. good thing her dad is cute :)

06 October 2008




And... Here I go again. I have really been enjoying the fact that I now have time to do all of the little crafty things that I have been wanting to do. So here is my latest escapade... I had a few boxes that I use to put craft stuff in, and they were.... well, UGLy. I decided to decorate them. A little white paper, gesso, double sided tape and a pen go a long way. I had fun, and that's all that matters right?

01 October 2008

Fun Stuff

So here is my most recent attempt at entertaining myself while at home. I took a couple plain onesies and added a little color to them :) The second one has a pretty adorable little model wearing it :) I hope you all enjoy seeing my attempts at sanity as much as I enjoy making them.