31 January 2008


So here are some fresh off the camera pictures of our kitchen. As you can see the family who lived here before us were not the cleanliest of people.... And they REALLY liked the color blue. So what we have done so far: We dropped a bomb in the house and ripped everything out that we could. Judd pulled up the kitchen floor along with the rest of the kitchen and put in new electrical and outlets. We are now waiting for our cabinets to be made and installed. Today we get a new window :) All in all it is alot of work, but it will all be well worth it when it's done.

06 January 2008

Playing in the Snow

Here are a few pictures from our most recent snowboarding trip. Judd and I went up to Beaver Mountain and snowboarded for the day.... Well, at least until it started dumping snow on us. I love the first picture of Judd, he is such a goof ball. The last one is a view from the truck as we were leaving. After leaving we had a cup of hot chocolate waiting for us at the Sparks' house, so we were able to thaw out a little :)