07 February 2011

A message from Judd to his guys at work... Angry much?

I think I have figured it out everyone. I don’t think we have an issue with putting allens back, we have an AEM (allen eating mouse) taking and eating the allens. I opened the draws today to find this (the following picture).

These were brand new sets last week and the creature has already had at them. It’s picky about what it likes though. It sticks to only those we use and need. It pulled the 5/64 allen out, but must not have liked that taste of it this time because it left it under the pliers spot (Of course it is spelled wrong in the picture) and tried to hide it under the torx 7 wrench rather than putting it back where it goes. It obviously doesn’t know how attentive the operators around here are or it would have put them back to avoid detection. It didn’t even bother to go through the effort of putting the allens back into the perfectly cut out shapes for each set. It must not have liked the 2.5mm wrench either. The odd thing is it went to the trouble of putting it back, just upside down. Talk about one lazy mouse! You would think it would try and hide its tracks. It’s as if it’s mocking everyone saying “Hey look at me, I’m eating your allen wrenches and making a mess of your draws and you can’t do anything about it. HAHAHA!” Maybe we should set a mouse trap with a piece of an allen wrench on it to catch the little critter. Or maybe we should cover them with rat poison. That’ll get it. However if it’s able to eat allen wrenches it could be much bigger than a mouse. Maybe something bigger like a cage trap…..or a bear trap would be needed, although people might find that idea cruel. Maybe it’s a mutated machine shop mouse with carbide teeth. A mouse trap just wouldn’t do then... It would chew right through the trap before it could even close down on it. Being a mutated rat, poison probably wouldn’t work either. And a cage trap just won’t do for something of that caliber. If anyone can think of something to catch it let me know. I don’t know what could hold up to mutated carbide mouse teeth though. Yikes!

Now until we figure out our mutated mouse problem could people try and put the tools back where they go? I know it can be difficult to figure out just how those darn things fit back into those shapes that are cut out for them. I know I get confused and put them backwards a lot. Just have to laugh at myself hahahaha. What I like to do is practice at home matching shapes. I use the little shape puzzles my kids have, you know the ones with the triangles and the squares and the……oh what’s the shape……pa…..pi……pe……pen……pentagon. I always have a hard time with that one. Maybe this picture will help you guys like it does me.

This mouse is also freakishly strong. Look at what it did to this allen wrench!
Twisted the end of it like it was play dough! The only other way I can think of that happening is by making the insert screw way too tight. I mean tight like Zeus himself came down and tightened it with his lighting throwing arms of his. Have you ever seen the artist rendition of him? Man he had some guns. I guess you’d have to be that big to be able not only throw lightning, but just hold on to it. OUCH! Anyway I’m getting off track here. We’ve got some pretty strong operators here but come on now, we don’t’ have any Zues’s working here…. or do we? Hercules was half man half god son of Zeus. Maybe we was immortal too? Oh my gosh we could have Hercules working for us! That would explain the twisted wrenches! Maybe he can catch the mouse! He did beat that snake headed monster lady thing way back when... and snakes eat mice. Hercules if you are reading this email please help us catch our pest!!!

But until Hercules comes out of his hiding spot……PUT THINGS BACK WHERE THEY BELONG!!!! That would be great. Thanks.

Judd Zimmerman
Bearings Graveyard Teamlead

05 February 2011

Tonsils Schmonsils

So, I forgot to post this... Probably because it ended up being a semi-disaster, and I spent the next few weeks taking care of three kids who were either sick or doped up. These are all before pictures from when Judd had his tonsils taken out a couple weeks before Thanksgiving (I wish I took after photos, but things were a tad hectic). It is supposed to be a quick in and out, hour long surgery, which was not the case here. It was a 3 hour long surgery and we spent the rest of the day in the hospital... Turns out (they told me when I came to get him) that he had stopped breathing when they gave him Morphine at the end of surgery. He is either a) super sensitive to morphine or b) was given too large of a dose. They had to give him Narcan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naloxone , basically this bumps the Morphine off of the pain receptor sites, leaving him with no pain killer in his system. We spent the rest of the day trying to get his blood pressure down from 200/160. They gave him multiple meds one after the other, but it still wouldn't come down. After spending about 8 hours in the hospital we were finally released with the warning to return if his blood pressure didn't return to normal within the next few hours. (I have a blood pressure cuff and stethoscope at home... I know... I know.. I'm weird.) It finally started coming down that night, and was normal by the end of the next night.
Judd spent the next two weeks eating (slurping) Jello. He lost a good 15 pounds, MAN what a great diet!! Not to worry though, he put it all back on plus some as soon as he could wrap his grubby little paws around some Costa Vida.