23 July 2009

New Toys!!:)

Well I finally got enough of my bikes sold to get Leslie a new bike. And in the process I rode a different bike then the one I had and decided it was time to replace mine as well. So I put my bike up for sale and voila sold the next day. Leslie was so excited to get hers. Well I was too. We got it Monday and she has already been out on two rides. Thats all she ever wants to do now. I love it:). So here they are. Our new bikes!!!

Leslie with her new specialized safire:)

Leslie tearing it up through the yard. She really is a natural on the bike. I is so
much fun to see how much she improves everytime we ride.

Me and my new specialized enduro.

07 July 2009

Where's Your Vada?

We took a trip to Arvada Colorado (Denver area) for the 4th to visit my sister and her family and do some mountain biking. At one point while driving with Jeremy and the other kids back to the house Jeremy asks "Where are we going?" I respond "eh, we are driving back to where you live." Jeremy then pipes up from the back seat and between 4-year old giggles he asks "Where's YOUR VADA?" Get it? Yourvada instead of Arvada (his city) Thanks for the joke Jeremy and thanks Lillian and Ryan for the great weekend... Oh and for the AMAZING steaks! Here are a few pictures for all ya'll. Enjoy!

Ah... Cousins. Kennedy and Jocelyn chillin' in their diapers.

This was Kennedy's favorite spot in the whole house. She would go from picture to picture and jabber.

Judd and I after our ride, proof that I didn't die.

At the summit looking down on Denver.

A short stop during the ride. You can't really tell, but my legs are mutilated.

Ah, how sweet :) We had so much fun!

A picture of Judd in action, except he stuck out his tongue.... Boys, they always ruin perfectly good pictures.... But it's still cute :)

Looking down on Highway 70. It was so beautiful! I am now officially addicted to mountain biking. This was only my 6th time on a mountain bike, and my 2nd time riding clip less pedals, so I was pretty excited that I didn't die or deform myself more than I did. It was so nice to just get out and spend time together as friends. I love that I am married to my best friend... How cool is that?

Jeremy and Jocelyn. They are so well behaved and they get along so well.... Fingers crossed that's what my kids will be like.

At the Denver zoo with Lillian, Judd and the kids.

Judd made a little squirrel friend... A scene straight out of a Disney movie.


K sporting her new Denver Zoo hat.... I was a bad mom and forgot hers.... eh, good excuse to get another one right?

Jeremy and Elena

Why hello there!

Playing in the car at a rest stop. She did so well on the drive! Yay for sleeping babies :)