23 August 2011

Island Birthday & Cake

We did an "island themed" birthday party for Kennedy (She is THREE!!!) on Saturday. I didn't take a whole lot of pictures, but I managed to get a few.
I tried making a hula girl out of gum paste to sit on the island, but she looked more around 80 years old rather than 3, so I scrapped that idea and made a pineapple, beach towel, star fish, and a beach ball to sit on top. I love the sharks :)

I am THE best at taking pictures where very few people are actually looking at the camera.
Justin, Nathan, Ereita, Abbie, Chloe, Colette and Brent. Travis is hiding in the background.... And the only one looking? Ereita.  We had Cafe Rio style sweet pork burritos... Thanks Linda for the amazing recipes. Everyone loved it!

Opening presents. We got Kennedy a sleeping bag (which is what she asked for...  She really loves camping)

Most of the kids spent their time in the sandbox.
I wanted to get more pictures, and I'm sad that I didn't. We also did one of those fishing games where you throw the hook (clothes pin) over a sheet and get prizes.... I am pretty sure I had as much fun doing this as the kids did. :)


Mom Z said...

The burritos were delish, thanks for the recepie. I don't appear to be looking at the camera but OK. I also like that picture, it shows our great family interest in what is going on around us, or not. Happy Birthday Kennedy on the official 25th.

Mom Z/Grandma Z for Kennedy

emilyf said...

i LOVE clothes pin fishing!!!