29 January 2010

Our Bathroom is.... FINISHED.

Ok, so these first pictures are of the main bathroom because we forgot to take before pictures of the master bath. So imagine something 10 times worse when you look at these pictures and that is what the master bath looked like.

It's so nice to finally have a nice bathroom. Judd did everything! My favorite part is the tile shower which is actually larger than what the picture makes it seem.

19 January 2010

Animal Sounds... Because I Like Them.

Because I Love Pictures...

Kennedy giving her big dog a hug.

Who knew Scattergories could be so fun? Well, if you have dirty minds like my in laws it can. :]

Kennedy loves to wear her bike helmet EVERYWHERE... She even gets a little bugged when you take it off.

I HATE that she can get on the table. I think she loves that I hate it.

Playing Peek-a-boo behind the curtains

K and dad.