23 July 2009

New Toys!!:)

Well I finally got enough of my bikes sold to get Leslie a new bike. And in the process I rode a different bike then the one I had and decided it was time to replace mine as well. So I put my bike up for sale and voila sold the next day. Leslie was so excited to get hers. Well I was too. We got it Monday and she has already been out on two rides. Thats all she ever wants to do now. I love it:). So here they are. Our new bikes!!!

Leslie with her new specialized safire:)

Leslie tearing it up through the yard. She really is a natural on the bike. I is so
much fun to see how much she improves everytime we ride.

Me and my new specialized enduro.


Justin and Liz said...

Congrats on the 2 new additions to your family! Now all you need is a little trailer for Keddedy. (that is how Sammy says it.) ;) We have one and the boys love it! How many bikes did Judd have to sell in order to get yours???

Cara and Travis Colvin said...

If Travis and I tried to sell our bikes we might get $50 total! We have actuall been out riding alot lately with the girl behind in the trailer. Of course we aren't up for your extreme mountain biking quite yet!!