21 June 2011

The death of the pines...

So Judd decided he was done with sap, pine needles, and pine cones and murdered our pine trees. My brother Andrew (he came in handy) and Judd cut them down. Actually, Judd did the second tree by himself.

Just like a man to cut the tree down FIRST then take the bird house out of the tree.

Tree numero uno

Judd in tree number two.

The unimog REALLY came in handy. It only took 2 trips to the green dumps as opposed to the first tree that took 5 trips.
And then there were none. We are going to grind out the tree stumps this Saturday and put sod over the top.

Kennedy in her pj's in front of a teeny tiny bit of the wood. We have SO much! Now we need to get out and do a lot of camping.

How much wood could a wood chuck chuck?

We aren't total anti-earth people. We ordered a Tulip poplar and an Autumn Blaze Maple. I thought they would be a tad bit bigger, but they are supposed to grow pretty quickly.

More wood.


Missy said...

Wow, those trees were huge! What a big project. But I don't care for pines either. The cones are always getting shot out of the lawn mower - dangerous!

sisterwendy said...

I love walking by your house to smell that wonderful piney smell! I love how open your yard looks now, it seems a lot bigger than it did! Hope you find that grinder!