29 August 2008

Little Kennedy

Right after Kennedy was born she put her hands together with all of her fingers interlocked like she was praying. I couldn't get the camera out in time to get a picture. Luckily today she did it again and Leslie was ready with the camera. We also got a really good picture of her big beautiful eyes. Its not very often we get a chance to since she sleeps so much. Her eyes just make me melt. She definitely has the big Zimmerman eyes!

27 August 2008

Our Little Angel!

6 Pounds 12 ounces. 18 1/2 inches long. Kennedy Marie joined our duo to make a trio on Monday August 25th at 8:44 pm.

11 August 2008


So, after countless people have requested pictures of my "bump" Here they are at long last. Hopefully the bump goes away in the next few weeks! I am 36+ weeks today and would be rather delighted if our little girl decided to make an early debut. Seriously though, just as long as she is healthy I am happy. This picture was taken at 26 weeks
This picture was taken at 29 weeks
This picture was taken at 31 weeks This picture was taken at 33 weeks
This picture was taken at 36 weeks