21 March 2009

American Jumping Bean

Kennedy in her new toy with her squeaky shoes on :)

Our Froggie

Kennedy has started trying to crawl but she can't quite get the idea that she needs to move her arms at the same time as her legs. Here is a short video of her doing her little froggie jump. Enjoy!

08 March 2009

Recent Adventures

We took Kennedy on a hike the other day and she loved it! The last time we put her in the backpack her head didn't even go over the top of the face rest. It's amazing to see how much she has grown! She now has 2 teeth! Well, one and a half anyway. I love being a mom, and she makes it so easy. I feel spoiled.... hopefully the next will be just as easy :)
I love these pictures of her. This is her flat grin.
Family photo :) I tried taking one, but my arms weren't long enough and the picture only had Judd and I in it. This one worked out a bit better thanks to Judds long monkey arms.
Giving us "the eye"
I love this one. When she is really excited she will stick out her tongue.
Dad pretending to eat Kennedy. She didn't seem to mind that her dad is a carnivore ;)
This is Kennedy under her changing table. I walked out of the room and a minute later I came back to find her half under the table and having a blast.
Taking a break from eating her foot to pose for the camera.
We fell asleep reading books in the exact same position. Like mother like daughter.