04 October 2009

The Big 2. 7.

After Danes home coming Judds parents, Cara, Travis, Chloe and Abbie came over for some cake and ice cream to celebrate my 27th. Cara made the cake and it was D- licious :) Here are a few pictures...
I can't get Judd to NOT stick out his tongue in pictures.

Uncle Trav being over-run by little girls. (Doesn't he look sooooo excited?)

There are way too many candles on that cake.

Little Mess Maker

Kennedy likes to eat leaves.....

Lots and lots of leaves.

Playing with dads climbing ropes in the back yard.

The aftermath of Kennedy digging through every last piece of fabric I own :) She looks so innocent doesn't she?

She loves to stand on her head... I guess Judd did that a lot when he was a kid. Maybe it is hereditary?

02 October 2009

Utah State Fair

Kennedy and I went to the Utah State Fair with my sister Camille and her sons. It was so much fun! They had sharks, a live bear show, and tons of exhibits to see.... But the best part was "Little hands on the farm".

You go into a "barn" and put on a teeny apron and grab a basket. As you go through the farm there are successive buildings with different activities...
ie; you take corn to a (plastic) mooing cow and then milk (water) the cow. In return they give you a bottle of milk.

You pick apples from a tree, plant seeds in a garden, pick vegetables, gather wooden eggs from fake chickens, collect wool from a sheep etc...

Petting the sheep :)

And at the end you trade all of the things you have collected in return for a fake dollar.
They have a little store set up at the end where you can buy any one thing with your dollar. Kennedy had so much fun, but I think next year she might like it a little more, and maybe she won't be afraid of the chickens :)

OK, so I look like I am going to eat someone, but I was really being a newscaster :)

Watching the Bear show.