16 June 2011

Time for a little color

I have had this thrift store find crib bumper since before Kennedy was born. It's always been plain white. Pretty boring, but it did the job. I finally decided to re-vamp it and give it a little color. As I was looking through old pictures I couldn't believe how fast my kids have grown. SAD :(

Kennedy used to sleep like this with her bum in the air.

Back during a craftier time I made that mobile.

I think it turned out pretty cute!

He was so confused when I laid him down for bed then took his picture.


Anonymous said...

The top picture looks just like Judd at that age. Are you sure it didn't come from our photo album?

Grandma Z

sisterwendy said...

I love the new look! You are sew crafty (sorry, I had to do that :/
You're kids are so darn cute, Love all your pics! xoxoxo