14 June 2011

After the rain...

Finally the bad weather has stopped and we have been able to get outside more. Here are a few pictures from our walk up the Provo River. Levi loves hanging out in the stroller, as you can see... Well, as long as he is being pushed.

Levi showing off his new walking ability. He has been walking for a few weeks now, but has really stepped it up (get it?) this last week.

Piggy back ride. We walked from Glen Canyon to Vivian Park and by the time we got to Vivian Kennedy was worn out from riding her bike so Judd gave her a lift.

Taking a break from the sun at Vivan :)

On the way down Kennedy got to meet the pavement. Luckily dad was right there and  caught her shirt so she only hit her knee. She was a trooper and wanted to get back on and ride though. Here she is sowing us her "owie".

And putting on a brave smile with tears in her eyes.

Grandma Z made Levi a new blanket for his birthday. It was a hit! Thanks :)

From the Alpine loop.... There should NOT be that much snow up there (at the end of MAY)!


Grandma said...

Cute, cute family, but I might be the tiniest bit biased.
Grandma Z

emilyf said...

I think Grandma is right without bias, so cute! fun family adventure!!