13 June 2011

My latest attempt at house wifery...

So I'm sure anyone with kids has this same problem: You sweep and mop your floor just to feed your kid a half hour later and you are left with a sticky mess under their chair/highchair. Well, I have created a solution. A sort of baby "drop cloth" if you will.

I used patterned flannel fabric, to hide any stains and so that it was thick enough to stop most of the goop from getting through to the floor.

I sewed a washer into this little square. On one side is the flannel, on the other some non-slip material to help keep it from sliding around on the floor. I put snaps on it so that I could un-snap the weight from the main piece and throw it into the washer when it gets dirty.

I've been meaning to post this for a while so I have had a few weeks to try it out and I LOVE it!! It makes cleaning up after a meal much more simple. Just pick up the cloth and shake it out into the trash, then wash it when it gets dirty.

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emilyf said...

great house wifery award for you!!