30 December 2009

Graham Cracker Houses

My masterpiece... Well, not quite. I got sick of mine falling over so I made a "labrynth" I was going to put a tight wearing David Bowie at the end but none of the jelly beans made the cut. His tights are hard to fill.
Judds house. He only took about 10 minutes to make this, where mine took about 4 times that and it looks like a 6 year old did it.

We do this as a family every year at Christmas time. The best part by far is eating the candy.

The nephews

Kennedys first ever graham cracker house. I may have helped her on all of it, but there is no proof of that.


Missy said...

Nothin' says Christmas like David Bowie!

Justin and Liz said...

I totally don't get he David Bowie thing, but what can I say, I was raised with Johny Cash.
It looks like you had fun! Can we do it with you next year? ;) Justin and Judd will have to have a contest! That would be REALLY fun to watch!! 2 home builders trying to build the best gingerbread house! Sounds like entertainment to me!:D Love you guys!

Oertel said...