04 November 2009


Our little bumble bee :)

I took Q-tips and colored them black them hot-glued yellow puff balls onto the ends to make her antennae

I also made my costume..... I was supposed to be a flower.... Get it? A bumble bee and a flower... Anyway, my pedals were a little limp so I looked more like a clown than a flower.... Oh well, I knew what I was.

Lady Gaga stopped by.

I didn't ask, but I'm pretty sure that Amber was a punk rocker? Don't hate me if I'm wrong.

Chad was a bar code. He made this costume himself, which is very impressive considering I could't get Judd within 10 feet of putting on a costume.

Amber made Conners little monkey costume


Missy said...

Great costumes! Kennedy makes a cute little bug.

Anonymous said...

Just amazed by all the beauty and in-genius stuff that you all do. Nice job Judd and wonderful info Leslie, love the time I spent with you recently and have a happy new Year.. 01..01...2010....Dad and Marie
loves the blog also...