21 November 2009

Useless Information

I borrowed my moms treadmill for the winter so I don't have to drag myself out into the cold to run.

I HATE the cold. Let's move someplace eternally warm.

Kennedy pretends to talk on the phone if she sees one or if one rings. She puts the back of her hand to her ear and babbles. It's so cute.

Kennedy is pretty darn good at hide and seek. She'll find a book, sit down in a corner and silently flip through pages while I frantically shuffle around the house looking for her.

It's usually not a good thing if I don't hear her making noise... This usually means that she is doing something she is not supposed to.

Judd is almost done with our master bathroom!!!! I'll post pictures when it's all finished.

It took me 2 days to rake the front and back yard. Not because I am slow. Can I cut the trees down?

I want a dog, no a cat. no dog. cat. dog. I can never make up my mind. When I do I think about scooping poop and I quickly change to not wanting any animal. Too bad there aren't poop-less animals, after all they have hairless ones.

I miss my power steering. It's been out for 2 months. It's a killer trying to park at the university.

We should own stock in Home Depot. We have spent WAY too much there.

AT&T is a rip off. Magic Jack is great, 20 dollars a year and you can call free long distance and international to anyone who has a Magic Jack.

I am going to run a full marathon this next summer... If I don't die trying.

Life changes too quickly. I wish there was a rewind. It's so easy to take things for granted until they are gone.

My neighbor has chickens and gives us fresh eggs every week, how cool is that?

If I could have any talent, I would like to be an amazing chef.

That's all for this installment of useless information.


Missy said...

I second the idea of a hairless, poopless animal. I would definitely get one of those.

Justin and Liz said...

Just get a small dog like ours, his poop disappears after a rain storm! Small dog, small poop.
I love random thoughts! Maybe because that is all I have! ;)
Been thinking of ya! HUGS!