30 December 2009

Just a Month Late....

A few pictures from Thanksgiving... I know I am a tad behind on this but oh well...

Kennedy covered in yuck and enjoying her crackers.
THE most complicated game in the world.
We had Thanksgiving at the church with about 30 family members.
G & G Zimmerman
Hair? What's wrong with my hair?
Cousin Jocelyn and her olives :)

Food glorious food! It was sooooo good! Thanks Natasha for setting everything up.

I'm right! No... No, I AM RIGHT. NO! I am right... Looks like they are in a heated debate, really just waiting for the food :)


Brianna Coles said...

What on earth is that game? (You will have to send me an email or FB message since I won't see your reply if you post it here :P )

Judd & Leslie Zimmerman said...

The game is called agricola. It is a very complicated game And expensive. Don't play it with a bunch of beginners like we did. You'll never want to play it again. The second time around it is acutally a really fun game. Still fairly long to play and takes a lot of thinking about strategy, but very fun. Even Leslie thought so.

Justin and Liz said...

Kennedy is so GORGEOUS!!!!

Ryan and Lillian said...

For the record, there are much more complicated games out there than Agricola. But, Agricola is ranked #1 by boardgamegeek.com.

We had fun visiting you guys. Love you!