10 September 2011

As promised...

 Here are some pictures from our trip to Strawberry for Labor day. The whole Zimmerman crew was there, and as usual I took too many pictures, so here are a few that made the cut.
Uncle Travis and Sam using his duck call. We did dutch oven, so we all sat around the fire until it was done.

Kennedy... I think if there were any ducks around she would have called the mutated ones.

All the grand kids. Sam, Max, Chloe, Kennedy, Levi... And if you look on the couch you'll see Avery and Abbie

I had to get a picture of this. It wasn't planned, but the three girls all wore their dirty dash tees. NERDS :)

From start to finish. Colette is 2 months along (?) Liz is over 5 months (?) and I am a little over 8.  Cara had Avery 2 months ago, so we'll all be packing little ones around here soon.

A view from the cabin down to Strawberry

I LOVE this outfit! It also has a little ruffle bottom :)

Uncle Judd driving around with Sam. He was grinning the entire time.

Colette and Brent

Believe it or not Kennedy fell in love with 4 wheeling. She is usually so scared of things like this. She cried on almost every ride at Lagoon. I think she could have done this all day and been perfectly content.

I got some video of her driving, she was screaming (happy screams) the whole time. I think Judd had as much fun as she did.

Nathan and Ereita.

Now for the Wolf Mountain Mayhem...

Judd on the last stretch. he was going too fast for me to get a really good picture.

I could tell that this was Judd by the way he rides. A lot of the other guys just looked so uncomfortable on their bikes, but Judd looked like he was born on one... I can't be sure, and I'll have to check with Ereita, but I think he might have been born on one.


Levi getting in on the action

Like father like son, chowing down on dutch waffles. Judd's friend Ryan and his wife make these amazing energy waffles, and I have to say they are AMAZING!! I'm pretty sure the two of them ate a whole pack by themselves.

The fam waiting for the race results

And the winner is..... Kennedy in first. OK, not really, she just wanted to stand on one of the blocks wearing daddy's medal :)

Judd got 3rd place in his division and 7th over all. Not bad for riding once a week at best.
Fruit fruit fruit....
Like I said, canning like a mad woman. Peaches in light syrup. Last year i did medium syrup but it was waaaaay too sweet, so this year I toned it down and did light syrup which is much better.

And I still have more to go. I plan on doing these stragglers today.

I also did nectarine jam from the very first nectarines off our tree. I can't wait til next year, I'm excited for my tree to get bigger and produce more.

And a ton of peach jam.
Kennedy's first day of Preschool. She Loved it, and she can't wait to go again and again and again :)
I didn't even have to ask her to smile. That's genuine excitement right there folks
And my speeding ticket. Yes I took a picture. I was pretty mad. When he asked where I was going what did I say? "I'm going to the grocery store?!" What was I thinking? I should have poked myself in the eye and told him I was on my way to the hospital because I was going into labor. Traffic school here I come.

And Judd had surgery again. This time for a hernia. It went so much better than the nightmare tonsil surgery last November. He is doing well and is on the mend (although he is totally milking it...)
That's all for now. I am 37 weeks along and if I don't go before, I will be induced on my birthday, another 17 days! CRAZY. I am going to have THREE CHILDREN. Gulp.


Missy said...

Mmmm, your peach jam looks amazing!
Good luck in these last weeks and keep us posted if anything happens! :)

Mom Z said...

Good times at Strawberry. Family time is the best time especially when you have a great group of crazies like us. Thanks to Brent for sharing the Lindstrom family cabin with the Zimmerman in-laws, much appreciated.

Kennedy takes after her dad as far as not liking the rides at Lagoon. We had to have the operator stop Bulgy the Whale to get Judd off, he was sereaming his heart out, wanted off real bad.

No, Judd was not born on a bike, it just felt like it.

Heather said...

Wish you lived closer! :(