07 April 2008

Just a Few of the Cutest Kids Around....

Hope ours end up being half as cute!
This is a picture of Jeremy and Jameson (both almost 3 years old), I brought over some chalk and we decorated grandma's sidewalk!
This is Kaia (5 years old), joining in on the fun.
This is my nephew Andon (1 week old)
This is Elena on Easter (1 1/2 years old)
This is Chloe (I asked Judd how old she was and he said 2 1/2 years old... But she is actually 1 1/2) on Easter Sunday up at Judd's parents house. And these are just a few! With our families combined Judd and I have 9 nephews, 5 nieces, with one niece on the way! And all of them are just as adorable!


Cara and Travis Colvin said...

Cute kids, I didn't realize you had a neice as old as Chloe (you put that she is 2 1/2). Someone needs to start catching up on the neices, your a little out numberd!

Justin & Elizabeth Zimmerman said...

I guess you have never seen a picture of Sam or Max, the two cutest kids on the PLANET!