12 November 2011

My little chemo patient



My two baldies.
OK. Not really. More like my little haircut experiment. Needless to say I won't be cutting his hair again. Ever. I think it's worth the 5-10 bucks to have someone else cut it. I was actually doing a really good job, and was just about done when he moved and I cut a big chunk off in the back. So I did what we do for Judd, I buzzed it. Judd has dark hair and so doesn't look bald. But Levi has white blond hair so he looks very bald. To make things worse I cut a relatively large piece of his ear with the trimmers. I felt so bad. Him sitting there with blood dripping down his ear and the worst hair cut ever. Sorry little dude. I still think you look cute... And not just because I am your mother.


sisterwendy said...

I have so been there/done that with my boys! sorry, I can't help but chuckle a bit :D I still cut my kids hair to this day (and they are OLD) and I worry every time that I'm gonna cut their ears :) I have to admit that they learn to hold still real fast hahahaha

Whitney said...

Ha Your nice! I'm game i think we need to be friends. Cause i know how to cut hair and you can help me be a better couponer? Hmm... I love that idea!