02 May 2011

BBQ Cupcakes

This is a fun thing to do with your kids for Summer. I made them for Fathers day last year and gave them to neighbors and friends, but you can make them for any occasion. The pictures basically explain how to make them. I used Swedish fish (for the kebabs), gold fish, hot tamales (hot dogs), and caramels that I cut up into smaller peices. I used crunched up butterfinger for the embers, and black frosting to make the grill marks and the grill. Also you can get silver cupcake liners to make them look even better.


sisterwendy said...

These are so darn cute! I am totally going to steal/use this idea for Father's Day this year!! LOVE THEM :D

lyn. said...

Those are so creative... love them!!

Missy said...

I love this idea! Those are so awesome.