22 May 2011

Voting is now closed.

According to the ultrasound we are going to have a boy, so 70% of voters were right. This is the third baby I've had an ultrasound with, and the strange awe of it still gets to me. To see the little guy in there moving and kicking is such an amazing thing. From the looks of it he will has a large arse like Levi, and we also got a picture of him giving us a thumbs up! I will post pictures as soon as I reconnect my scanner. Well, let's be honest I hate doing things like that, so as soon as JUDD reconnects the scanner. Judd has a name he likes, but I really haven't found anything that I like enough, so any suggestions would be welcomed :)

1 comment:

KT said...

Hahahahaaa! I died at the 'large arse' comment :-D Wahhhaa! Awesome.

Bruno...after Bruno Mars ;) I am obsessed w that human right now. Glorious. Go listen to 'Count On Me'. Such a cute friend song. Awwww!

Max is good too.

Good luck dude! :) And congrats!!!!