02 January 2011


They say that the more kids you get, the less pictures you take. I think that is true, as much as I don't want it to be. Sadly I eeked out the Christmas season with only a few pictures to show for it. BUT I did take a WHOLE lot of video :)

This is Levi surrounded by my moms collection of Christmas bears. He was trapped by his cousin Jameson... Easy target I guess. He didn't seem to mind.

Um... What is going on? What are these things you are making me unwrap? Can I go back to bed now? Honestly, you people are weird.

This picture doesn't do the Roy City lights any justice. They are so amazing, every branch on every tree is lit.

I'm sure people were looking at me funny when I was taking a picture of the under side of the tree, but I think it's pretty :)

Kennedy and Levi dressed in their new Christmas PJ's. Kennedy walked around the whole night rubbing her jammies and saying "I have soft jammies on"


Sherie said...

That top pic of Levi is awesome! You're kids are so cute. And I like that Levi got his first tube of mascara (second pic)! Haha! Looks like a great Christmas!

sisterwendy said...

You're kids have THE BEST eyes! So adorable! Love the pictures of the lights, I wouldn't think you're weird :) I don't blame Kennedy for rubbing her jammies- I love soft jammies too xooxxoo

Grandma Z said...

I read it! And by the way my grandchildren are adorable.