13 January 2011

Baby got back

Alternative title for this post *I like big butts and I cannot lie.

Would you look at that gigantic tush? Good heavens, you would think he was half Jabba the Hut. All I can say is that he gets it from his dad.

He doesn't like the feeling of his knees on the floor, so he "crawls" like this a lot of the time.


Grandma Z said...

Ahhh, baby butts are so cute.

Grandma Z

KT said...

Ha ha ha ha haaaa!!!! :D

sisterwendy said...

I love fat little babies :) It's just not far that fat looks so cute on him and not so cute on me :) xoxoxo

Whitney said...

He is freakin adorable! I love naked babies! He's getting so big!