01 March 2010

Random pictures

We took Kennedy swimming at the Rec center the other day. We have taken her a few times before, but she wasn't really old enough to enjoy it. It is so fun watching her grow and learn. Her favorite part of swimming... Playing in the lockers after we were all done. She really hated when Judd would go underwater, it scared her a bit.

Swimming with dad. I would put a picture of Kennedy and I but Leslie + pregnant = Not a pretty picture ;)

At Discovery park.

Helping dad, she loves to tag along with her dad.

Looking all chewed up at 28 weeks.... Why didn't someone tell me I look so old and tired?

Helping mom coach YW basketball.... Actually, she just donated some slobber for the whistle. She loves going to the games, but HATES the buzzer. She cries every time it goes off.

Her new trick- Climbing up the oven. A nightmare for any mother, especially now that she has figured out how to hold herself up with one hand while reaching on top of the stove with the other.

Hiking in the snow :)

I have CABIN FEVER!!! Any time it is sunny I try to get outside and go for a hike with Kennedy. I get some funny looks packing Kennedy through the snow at 7+ months pregnant. I really can't wait for the summer, and I am so excited that I won't be pregnant through the whole thing like I was with Kennedy. My running shoes and my bike have been calling my name...
Judd is getting ready for bike racing season, he has cabin fever just about as bad as me.

Just a cute picture.

Not too happy about being in the snow, but she looks cute :)

That's all for now. Sorry I am such a slacker with the blog thing.


KT said...

Freaking CUTE pics :) Also the preg shot of you...you do NOT look "old and tired"!!! You look adorable pregnant! :D I'm not blowin smoke either! Kennedy is precious :)

Grandma Z said...

Agreed, you do not look "old and tired." I know, because I look "old and tired".

Such a beautiful little girl, must be the outstanding genetics huh?

Grandma Z