15 August 2009

Cereal Anyone?

As most of you know, I do the coupon thing.... I cut them, find sales and then irritate the people who are in line behind me as the cashiers frantically scan piles of coupons one by one.
I was so proud of this most recent trip so I'm going to brag :) I bought everything in this picture- 20 boxes of cereal, 14 boxes of fruit snacks, 10 packs of cookies, 10 boxes of Eggos, and 6 boxes of rice Krispie treats for a grand total of 60 items I paid 30 dollars plus tax .50 cents per item!!!! Plus Kelloggs is doing a rebate and they will be sending me 10 dollars back..... SO I REALLY ONLY SPENT 20 dollars. (I know you may be thinking that all we eat is cereal and junk food, but I swear we do eat regular home cooked food!)


mom z said...

I have a stack of coupons here wainting for you.

KT said...

Haha! You got skillz! :D I love it!

Cara and Travis Colvin said...

You really do have skills. I promise I tried to do the coupon thing like you showed me, I don't think I was patient enough to wait for sales while my coupons collected. Maybe I will have to have you baby step me through it!!