10 January 2009

Welcome to my crib

Here is a video of Kennedy in her crib. She loves to make noises, but whenever she catches sight of the camera she stops and stares at it. So I had to be a little sneaky about getting this video, I snuck up and crouched down while I held the camera just over the crib bumper. As you can see we can't get a blanket to stay on her because she either kicks it completely off or it ends up bunched up by her face like it is in this video. She loves to do her double leg kick.... Maybe she'll be a ninja when she grows up ;)


KT said...

How adorable! She makes the cutest little shrieks! :D

Grandma Z said...

Kennedy can join Sam and Max's dance group when she's up and about.

Grandma Z

Cara and Travis Colvin said...

Kennedy is probably going to be quite the screamer like Chloe and Sam are (I don't know if Max is yet??). It must be a Zimmerman thing.