29 January 2009

Vid-E-o's :)


Here is another video of Kennedy hanging out in her crib. She is so good, when she wakes up she'll sit and play until I get her. Just recently she found two new wonderful toys which are conveniently connected to the ends of her legs. She loves to play with her feet, even while I change her diaper, which works out great because I don't have to hold her legs up anymore :)

This next video is for Liz, who got us these great spoons. Thanks! They work great!



KT said...

cute! i tagged you btw

Justin and Liz said...

So cute! I love her VERY high pitched fussy scream! So cute! Love the feet video! That is so cute. Just like a girl, all jibber jabber!
You are welcome for the spoons! We love them. They scrape the food off the there faces very nicely!
We love you guys! Dive Kennedy a huge hug from us all!

Grandma Z said...

A very high soprano I'd say...