18 October 2008

My Personal Chef

So this morning I wake up to Judd excitedly saying that he is going to get something at the store, and for me to stay in bed.... Hmm, I racked my brain trying to think of what in the world he would want to go get at the store at 730 AM... So, a little while later I wake up to TONS of noise.... (boys DO NOT know their way around a kitchen). After trying to crack hard boiled eggs to make scrambled eggs and almost burning a waffle he cooked me breakfast :) What a sweet heart! Anyway, back to my original point, he went to the store to get a waffle iron. The boy had to have waffles, once he gets an idea in his head that's the end of it.
And here is a picture of his fabulous creation.... Like you all want to see it, Puh! (it was VERY good though)


gheybin said...

That husband of yours is a GEM!!!

Justin and Liz Zimmerman said...

I see you use Mrs. Butter-worth's...the syrup of MAN!

MOM Z said...

I trained him well. I used the "if you want to eat you know where the food is" traning plan.