14 October 2008

Cold October. Warm Fuzzies.

SNOW IN OCTOBER!!! Here are a few pictures to give some cheer. If not to you, for us :) Here we are after the first snow of the season. We lugged ourselves to church all bundled up..... I am really not very excited about this winter.
Our good little sleeper. She sleeps so well now, thanks to a book I have been reading called Healthy sleep habits, happy child. It is like magic!!! I love to listen to her when she sleeps. She makes a contented hum as she breaths out. I have to hold myself back from recording her cute noises every time she falls asleep :)
This is a rare picture of daddy AWAKE while Kennedy sleeps. Seeing this picture shows just how much she has grown! She has already outgrown her newborn clothes.
We went on a walk as a family the other day and since it was chilly we bundled our little girl up like the little boy on Christmas Story :). Not quite, but she did look really cute. Kennedy loves to go running with me. She opens her mouth really wide and moves her head around to look at everything.
She definately looks like Judd. Everyone keeps saying that as well. good thing her dad is cute :)


Justin and Liz Zimmerman said...

She IS getting so big! It is always nice when they sleep well. It makes life a little smoother. That is a cute little Sunday family picture. That last picture really does look like Judd! Are you sure she is yours Leslie? At least you know where she came from, you were kindof there.
Cute pictures! Keep them coming!

Justin and Liz Zimmerman said...

I didn't know Judd looked like a baby girl!

Oertel said...

Oh! You guys are ADORABLE. :)

Cara and Travis Colvin said...

That picture of her laying with Judd makes her look SOOOO BIG. And Judd does have his moments were he looks like a baby girl, maybe you just haven't had the pleasure of seeing that yet :)