31 December 2007

Which One of These Things is not like the Other?

Here are a few photos of Judd and I at the Sparks' home on Christmas Eve. This family is nothing short of amazing! These photos are courtesy of Oertel :)And since they are so similar we will try something fun.
Okay, so I know that most of you have played this game.... Afterall, they used to be a mainstay in every issue of the Friend Magazine..... So here's how it works: There are 10 things that change from the first picture to the next. See if you can find what they are and then post a comment bragging about how well you did, and how many you found. The answers will be listed below so NO CHEATING!

1)Stevan's are disappears in the second photo--(Stevan is the one behind Leslie)
2)Baby Rex turned his head to the side in the second photo for a side snapshot
3)Matt's eyebrows are in a normal position in the second photo (Matt is the one on the bottom Left hand side of the photo with the maroon long sleeve shirt on)
4)Leslie's head is tilted in the second photo
5)The strings On Oertel's sweater are closer together and slanted more in the second photo (Oertel is the one next to Judd)
6)Hannah's arm moves up to her face in the second photo (Hannah is in the Green)
7)The pillows are in a different position in the second photo
8)Scott's foot moved farther out in the second photo (Scott is in the red on the bottom row, all the way to the Left of the picture)
9)The hole in Scott's shirt magically gets bigger in the second photo
10)Leslie's right hand decides to make an appearance in the second photo
Oh, and one bonus point--- Judds right elbow moves out farther


Oertel said...

HAHAHAHA That's awesome. Leslie, you amaze me. It was so great that you CAME! :)

Justin & Elizabeth Zimmerman said...

Ha, you think your so smart! I found all ten items...without cheeting.

mom Z said...

I cheated.

COLETTE said...

Why did the pillows move? Were you all having a pillow fight?