17 September 2007

Guns, Bullets, and Grins

So, I think that everyone was pretty bugged by my picture taking, but hey, without it we wouldn't have all of these fabulous pictures, now would we?
Look very closely at Colettes target.... yeah, she pretty much killed it with an AR-15. This was her first time shooting one, so she's what I would call a natural. Also if you look close at dad shooting... Yeah, he has no ear plugs. Guess he figured that he is already deaf so it doesn't matter. HAH

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Justin & Elizabeth Zimmerman said...

Hey, you’re only allowed to go to Avon and shoot up the side of the hills when #1 is in town. Don’t worry, I’m not bitter…Liz is! Look like y’all had fun, we sure wish we could have been there. Who is the obscure little boy in Colette’s picture…is that Judd?