28 September 2007

Enjoy the BREW

So, Judd sent this picture to me the other day while he was at work. At least someone is getting some use out of those gloves right? Let's just be honest, we all know that no one really uses those things anyway. So, Judd at work... Here is a funny story about Judd at work..... A while ago I cooked some garlic herb chicken, well, long story short the guy woke me up out of a dead sleep and made me nauseaus with what he calls his "BREW" (This brew could have been sold to Iran as a chemical weapon)..... Anyway, I guess that although Judd likes the garlic chicken, alas his stomach does not. I made the mistake of cooking the same thing again... Except this time he brought the "brew" to work. He wasn't feeling well, but went to work for the sole purpose of sharing this new prized posession of his..... PRETTY MUCH DISGUSTING IF YOU ASK ME. I'm having second thoughts about posting this, but I will anyway:


Justin & Elizabeth Zimmerman said...

I'm lost about the "brew". Please expain for all of us to enjoy. By the way, nice rubber cap!

Tom and Mitzi said...

This innappropriate comment about flatulence was completely and totally without taste. I like it!!!

Cara and Travis Colvin said...

There's nothin' better then a good, heaty brew, especially when you let it simmer for about 20 minutes!!!

Cara and Travis Colvin said...

HEARTY is of course what I meant to write. Sorry, I don't proof ready so well.

Breezy said...

Judd seriously, you rock AND this explains A lot of how men and women are SO totally different. And I think that Travis' comment could be hearty or heaty really if you want to get technical when it comes to "brew"
Leslie you worded it all so well and I am cracking up! oh, and...vomitting! :)

Kerri Johnson said...

You are so totally disgusting!(but we knew that already) That's all I have to say. He He